Definition: Tuition Students are defined as those whose parents or legal guardians reside outside the school district, and who are not enrolled as school choice students.

Admission: The school district will admit non-resident students provided that the following requirements are met:

  1.  Enrollment of these students does not exceed the established maximum enrollment in any of the classrooms or programs of the district.
  2.  Student records indicate, in the judgement of the school administration, that these non-residents can profit from the school program and will not detract from the education offered resident students.
  3.  The parents or legal guardian sign agreements to pay monthly tuition charges.

Tuition Rates and Billing: Tuition bills will be sent each month to parents/guardians of non-resident students for payment of tuition charges in advance. Tuition charges will be calculate by adding a cost of living increase to the tuition amount of the previous year.

Procedures:  Parents or guardians who wish to register non-resident students in this school district are to submit letters of application and pertinent school records to the Superintendent of Schools.

Students who reside in the districts of Farmington River and Richmond will be covered by contracts between those districts and Berkshire Hills Regional School District. The tuition rate for each year will be established no later than April 1 preceding the effective school year.

Communities:  Nothing in this policy statement shall be construed to limit contract established between this School Committee and other school committees of Massachusetts communities.

Payment for Non-Resident Tuition: All non-resident students approved for attendance by the Superintendent of Schools must have paid tuition charges no later than the 15th of each prior month. If payment is not received as per policy, parents/guardians should make arrangements to have the student enrolled in his/her home district.

Service Period                         Payment Due No Later Than

Sept 1-30                                 August 15th

Oct. 1-31                                 September 15th

Nov. 1-30                                October 15th

Dec. 1-31                                November 15th

Jan. 1-31                                  December 15th

Feb. 1-28                                 January 15th

Mar. 1-31                                February 15th

Apr. 1-30                                 March 15th

May 1-31                                 April 15th

June 1-30                                 May 15th

Additionally, the parent or guardian will enter into a contract with the District which specifically outlines mutual responsibilities to include educational services provided, tuition payments and payment due dates. Transportation will not be provided by the Berkshire Hills Regional School District.

The only exception to this payment requirement shall be a contractual arrangement between the School Committee and another town and the Berkshire Hills Regional School District. In such a case, a payment schedule will be a tenth of the contract. All tuition contracts with school districts must be approved by the School Committee.

Any change of the above payment schedule will be at the discretion of the Superintendent.

A student who resided in the Berkshire, Hills Regional School District and leaves Monument Mountain at the completion of their junior year and moves to another town out of state and wishes to attend Monument Mountain for their senior year may do so with the approval of the Superintendent. The student must have attended Monument Mountain for two years. Such a student will not be required to pay tuition.

A student who has moved out of state during the academic school year may continue to attend the schools of the District for the remainder of the school year with Superintendent approval and under the following conditions.

  1. The student’s parents/guardians requested permission to have their child continue to attend the school to finish the academic year so as not to disrupt the educational program.
  2.  He or she was a resident of the School District’s towns when the school year began.
  3.  He or she was enrolled in a School District school when the year began.
  4.  Such a student will not be required to pay tuition for the remainder of the academic year.


Reviewed:  01/13/2011