Bus Routes




2021 – 2022

ALL District bus routes are full. Students are assigned to a bus based on their residential address. Please take the time to contact Massini Bus Co., 413-229-7962 or email massinibus1@verizon.net, prior to the start of the school year to make any changes regarding your student’s transportation.

ACCORDING to the Director of Vehicle Safety and Compliance of the Registry of Motor Vehicles, students should   NOT carry anything on the bus they cannot hold in their lap.   FOR EXAMPLE: Skateboards, Suitcases, Large Instruments and Athletic Equipment, will not be allowed on the buses.

Please take the time to review the bus safety rules with your children.  Student behavior that distracts the driver will be reported to school administration.

Cooperate with the Driver – Remain Seated – Feet on Floor – Facing Forward – Talk Quietly – Be Considerate and Respectful of Others – Respect Property – No Eating or Drinking – No Gum – Keep Bus Clean Put Your Trash in Trash Can –

Muddy Brook Route Descriptions:

All students are assigned to a bus based on residential address.  Each student will have an assigned seat and must wear a face mask at all times.  Transportation is provided to and from home ONLY.

E-1 8:00  Starts at Mill Pond Park and turns onto Washington Square and Pomeroy St.  Turn onto Stateline Rd and proceed to Main St.  Follow Route 41 south to Linda Lane.

E-3  7:55 Route Starts at 6 Prospect Hill Rd follow to Hawthorne Road and Route 183 South. Turn onto Larrywaug Crossroad to Route 102 to West Stockbridge Line.  Return to Stockbridge via Route 102 to Main St and South on Route 7.

E-5  8:00 Starts at Arlo’s Church follow Van Deusenville Middle Rd to Pleasant St.  Stop at Housatonic Community Center then to Route 41 south to Pearl St.

E-6 8:15  Starts at High and Main St  follow Route 183 South to Route 7.

E-7  8:00 East and Bridge St to State Rd.  Follow State Rd to Old Monterey Rd turn around and follow Monument Valley Rd to school.

E-8 8:00 South Egremont Rd to turn around.  Turn onto West Ave to Taconic Ave. Turn onto Brainard to Hollenbeck, Castle Hill, Prospect St to Taconic and Main St.

E-9 8:05  95 Alford Rd to Division St.  Turn onto Christian Hill Rd and continue to Brook Lane and Stockbridge Rd.

E-10 8:10  70 Main St follow Main St to Silver St and turn around.  Stop at Mason Library, Mechanic St and Travelodge.

Routes are run in reverse in the afternoon.