Project Connection

Project Connection is an after school program made possible by grants from 21st Century Learning Centers and the United Way…

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Project Connection is an after school program made possible by grants from 21st Century Learning Centers and the United Way. We offer free afterschool programs that focus on activity based experiential learning which helps the students meet academic and social and emotional needs. All new program information will be posted on Muddy Brook’s home page.

For further information, contact:

Thomas Kelly, Project Connection Director

John Cowles, Project Connection Site Coordinator

Or call 413-644-2350 x3306.

Berkshire South Community Center

Early Drop Off at MBE:
Monday-Friday 7am – 8:30am

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Need to be at work early? Our Early Drop-off Program offers early morning care and enrichment for children attending Muddy Brook Elementary School. Feel good knowing your child is in a safe and fun environment and getting to school on time!

For more information about after-school child care available at Berkshire South Community Center call 413-528-2810 ext. 34.


MBE Community Garden Project

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Muddy Brook Community Garden Project seeks to:

  • Create additional outdoor learning spaces and opportunities for students to experience hands-on learning. BHRSD’s Mission stresses the importance of ‘expanding learning beyond the school walls to include nature, the community, and with partners.’
  • Create a Service Learning Project that connects local businesses, organizations, partners, and mentors together with as many students as possible to benefit Muddy Brook and its community.
  • Create avenues for students to engage and problem-solve through an experiential approach to K-4 science curriculum and to challenge students in a variety of learning and presenting modalities.
  • Create a vibrant and attractive setting at the front of our building that ties young people to an outdoor space that they have built and invested in themselves, to create a sense of ownership and legacy
  • Create a depth of knowledge around growing vegetables, flowers, and shrubs along with an understanding of how important agriculture is to the Berkshires.

Areas of the K-4 science curriculum that this project has the possibility to enhance:

  • Kindergarten- living vs. nonliving things, life cycles, weather and seasons
  • 1 st Grade- Earth materials, living things, weather, sun’s movement
  • 2nd Grade- life cycles of insects, air and weather
  • 3rd Grade- energy in organisms, rocks and minerals
  • 4th Grade- water cycle, weather and climate
  • All grades- scientific investigations skills, procedures, and processes

Support for this project is coming from a $5000 Lowe’s materials grant and the Project Connections after-school programs. In addition, teachers, staff, parents, and community members will be donating time and effort.


Taft Farms

Woven Roots farm


High School Greenhouse (Bill Florek)

Berkshire Botanical Gardens

Project Native

Project Sprout

Flying Cloud Institute

CET (composting)

SM Excavating

Organizations that will provide professional development, technical support, and resources: DESE

Mass Ag in the Classroom

Kids Consortium